2020 Physique Science QWA League and Masters League results

The 2020 Physique Science QWA League and Masters League Round 2 saw members go from a chilly Toowoomba just a couple of weeks previously, to Milton where they turned up the heat!!

Numerous new personal bests were set by the competing athletes.

Our Masters lifters dominated with the number of records broken. Bobby Johnson (Southside Storm), Darrel Naude, Dion Walmsley, Jeff Davie, Tara Noonan (Cougars), Tim Redhead (Milton) and Minoru Yamasaki all set new records. Congratulations!!

Leo Lark of Milton Weightlifting Club coached by Mike Keelan gave the crowd a thrill with his National and State Senior record breaking attempt at 167kg in the Clean and Jerk competing in the 81kg category.

Leo Lark of Milton Weightlifting Club

A BIG thank you to the Milton Weightlifting Club team on putting together such a great event. 

Erika Yamasaki was on hand at the competition to coach her father in his first official competition. The QWA took this opportunity to present her with a QWA #strongertogether backpack in recognition of her place in the AWF Super Squad.

Erika Yamasaki

The Final of the 2020 Physique Science QWA League & Masters League competition is scheduled for 14th November at Milton Weightlifting Club, with an open event to be run on the Sunday the 15th for anyone who has lifted in at least one QWA competition.

The top 10 athletes from each Division (1, 2, 3, 4, Masters Females, Masters Males) are now invited to enter online to lift in the 2020 Physique Science QWA League & Masters League Final where each division will compete for prize money of:

1st Place $100

2nd Place $75

3rd Place $50

Prize money has been provided by Physique Science - 2020 sponsor of this event. Thank you Amie Cox.

You will find the QWA League competition rules here

Where the athlete has qualified in Divisions 1-4 and also the Masters final they will need to notify the QWA office via email by the 1st October which final they wish to compete in. Where vacancies in the top 10 occur the next placed athletes will be invited to attend.

Division Lifter DOB Gender Club Round Points
1 Brayden Williams 1996 M Burleigh Barbell 142.672
1 Tara Noonan 1980 F Cougars Weightlifting 108.0597
1 David Bock 1990 M Milton 99.1798
1 Amy Siebenhausen 1986 F Ipswich Weightlifting 95.9589
1 Leo Lark 1996 M Milton 93.7778
1 Bronwyn Graham 1979 F NBWA 88.7453
1 Angela Barnas 1980 F Sunshine Coast 88.7428
1 Cassie Todd 1991 F Ipswich Weightlifting 82.0177
1 Rhian Roussos 1990 F Cougars 80.1533
1 Keisuke Hisashi 1997 M Cougars 79.9577
2 Tristan Gibson 1999 M Ipswich Weightlifting 120.7967
2 Kelsey Francis 2002 F Toowoomba 115.3534
2 Tina Cotter 1980 F --- 104.6273
2 Rhiannon Decosta 1986 F NBWA 75.3071
2 Jack Gibson 2004 M --- 73.5157
2 Darren Webb 1973 M Cougars 70.2019
2 Hunter Levien 1997 M NBWA 68.5452
2 Brock Dignan 1997 M Cougars 67.6442
2 Chloe Watkin 1997 F Barbell 4017 64.1073
2 Jonathan Willey 1998 M Milton 63.2788
3 Fred Buchanan 1980 M NBWA 131.4581
3 Shasha Ram 1990 F PANDAUNIT 94.7828
3 Rohan Acland 1984 M PANDAUNIT 89.7442
3 Levi Deans 2006 M Sunshine Coast 86.7143
3 Linda Skerman 1965 F NBWA 80.1468
3 Jessica Brouff 2005 F Milton 77.7642
3 Wil Tolputt 1999 M Sunshine Coast 60.7701
3 Leo Arday 2004 M Toowoomba 60.1799
3 Leela Petersen 2004 F Barbell 4017 58.7625
3 Sylvan Richardson 2004 M Bounce Weightlifting 56.3437
4 Helena Mooney 1993 F NBWA 54.4966
4 Christian Hammerle 1987 M Burleigh Barbell 52.1217
4 Georgia Carter 1996 F Cougars 51.6906
4 Angus Loft 2003 M Cougars 51.2596
4 Aliyah Brightwell 2004 F Jimboomba Barbell 45.9057
4 David Doedens 1982 M Milton 45.3669
4 Kellee Hodge 1983 F Jimboomba Barbell 45.0144
4 Julie Davis 1952 F NBWA 43.7241
4 Meg Emerton 1953 F Cougars 39.0824
4 Madeline Pyke-Moran 1997 F Cougars 36.2682
Masters F Tara Noonan 1980 F Cougars 123.0528
  Tina Cotter 1980 F --- 116.862
  Linda Skerman 1965 F NBWA 110.6183
  Bronwyn Graham 1979 F NBWA 104.2034
  Angela Barnas 1980 F Sunshine Coast 101.9381
  Julie Davis 1952 F NBWA 84.0172
  Anna Thomson 1979 F NBWA 78.9685
  Rachael Robinson 1974 F Cougars 78.7863
  Bronwyn Hitchener 1962 F Toowoomba 73.7374
  Adrienne Karniewicz 1984 F Cougars 66.6162
Masters M Fred Buchanan 1980 M NBWA 143.8049
  Ron Fraser 1954 M Burleigh Barbell 101.2455
  Tim Redhead 1965 M Milton 98.2489
  Rohan Acland 1984 M PANDAUNIT 96.114
  Darren Webb 1973 M Cougars 82.132
  Scott Mark 1964 M Sunshine Coast 72.8784
  Matthew Horrocks 1985 M Cougars 72.1462
  Jeff Davie 1974 M --- 69.9814
  Darrel Naude 1979 M --- 64.0593
  Alan (Songhwan) Park 1983 M NBWA 62.4553

Full League placings can be found HERE

Thank you to the AWF and Bowen Stuart for their assistance with the results management.

Published on 14 Sep 20 - 11:59

AWF Masters Open competition

Please find HERE the competition regulations for the AWF Masters Open. This information is also available via the live link on the AWF Website Calendar.

Entries close at midnight this Friday, 11th September 2020. Click Here to Register

If this event is cancelled for any reason, entrants will receive a full refund of their entry fees. Similarly, entrants will receive a full refund if they are unable to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by a government authority.

A minimum of 60 entries must be received for this event to proceed.

Kind regards,


  Ian Moir
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Weightlifting Federation
0417 744 981
Published on 10 Sep 20 - 11:42

Invitation to participate in weightlifting tapering survey project

Subject: Invitation to participate in weightlifting tapering survey project

My name is Justin Keogh and I'm an associate professor at Bond University within the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science program.

Following on from Hayden Pritchard's PhD in the tapering practices of strength sport athletes in particular those involved in powerlifting and our published research that has extended into strongman and CrossFit, on behalf of Hayden and the rest of the research team, I invite you to circulate this survey to your weightlifting networks and to participate in it if you feel you are eligible.

If you have any questions, please let me know by contacting me at or 0468 324 047.

Published on 4 Sep 20 - 7:16

Final Entries & Attendance Process for 2020 Physique Science QWA League comp

Updated final entries can be found HERE  For competition venue information click HERE

We thank you for your patience and co-operation around the COVID Safe conduct of the resumption of QWA State competitions. We continue to research and trial different methods of managing maximum number restrictions, and also the documentation of information for Queensland Health contact tracing.

In an effort to streamline this process we are using Sign-up Schedule for this competition

Athletes will be required to sign-in on arrival at the competition – and ensure they keep their Field of Play pass they are given at sign-in with them. No need to book a spot. Athletes have an automatic allocation of one coach and two spectators via the Sign-up Schedule.

TO’s and official Volunteers will be required to sign in on arrival – and wear a Field of Play pass issued at sign-in in a visually prominent place eg lanyard whilst they are on duty. No need to book a spot.

Coaches need to sign-up for the sessions they have lifters in via the Sign-up Schedule. Then sign in on arrival at the competition, ensuring they wear a Field of Play pass - collected at sign-in, in a visually prominent place eg lanyard. Also please remember your Blue Cards.

Where a coach has more than one lifter in a category and is not using Assistant Coaches for the other lifters, those other Coach allocation spots may be used by an additional spectator of the lifter. ONLY ONE COACH/PERSON PER ATHLETE IS PERMITTED IN THE WARM-UP AREA.

Spectator spots have been set at two per lifter, with an additional allocation of spare spots. Please ensure you only sign-up for the ones you need. All spectator bookings need to include name, phone number and email address. We would prefer that all spectator bookings be made via the Sign-up Schedule by 2.00pm on Friday 4th September. This will enable us to have a speedier check in service at the competition. YOU MUST SIGN-UP ON THE SIGN-UP SCHEDULE IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND AS A SPECTATOR



Do not attend if you are unwell;

Do not attend if you have had contact with a COVID positive person;

Ensure you maintain social distancing;

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly.




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2020 Physique Science QWA League & Masters League Round 2 - Finalised schedule

Click here for the Final entries and schedule  Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the competition information included in that document.

Remember that all athletes are expected to volunteer for at least one session. You can find the Sign-up schedule here:

Any shortfalls in loaders will need to be filled by the following clubs:






Milton, North Brisbane


Cougars, Milton


Ipswich, Burleigh


Cougars, North Brisbane


Cougars, Unattached


Milton, Burleigh


North Brisbane, Toowoomba


Southside Storm, Sunshine Coast, Cougars


Published on 27 Aug 20 - 13:22


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